hermes is a fanfic browser/reader/tracker

Generic usage:

Briefly shows scrolling through the fic list and then rating a fic. Moves onto basic searching and a quick view of the reader. We exit back to the list and do more advanced searching -- first by rating and then by author. We then exit hermes and run the update and cache all commands.

Loading a new fic:

"recently" updated README

A few examples of searching on the fic select screen:

Hermes can also generate read statistics. The graph below shows the amount of words read per fandom per week. The start of the graph is actually pre-hermes so it smears the initial import over that range. Fandoms that don't occur frequently have been combined under "Other" designations to avoid having 30 some colors. This is currently based off of a whitelist instead of dynamically computed.

(click it to see the full size version)

Web interface is started but hasn't had much work put into it.