# enter interactive mode

	# print list of non-interactive commands
	hermes help

		^c,^x: quit
		   ^r: force repaint

	fic viewer:
		j/k UP/DOWN: move up/down a line
		PAGE_UP/PAGE_DOWN: go up/down a paragraph
		HOME/END: go to beginning/end of chapter
		h/l LEFT/RIGHT: previous/next chapter

		K/J: go up/down a paragraph

		m: mark chapter as read, advance
		s: cycle chapter status (ongoing, abandoned, complete)

		u: check for an updated chapter count
		o: open fic selection menu
		escape: open fic selection menu

		y: toggle current line highlight
		c: change current line color
		i: invert cursor line

		  =: toggle full screen or max width
		+/-: increase/decrease max width or l/r margin

		q: quit

	fic selection:
		 up/down: change selection up/down
		home/end: go to the start/end of the fic list
		right/enter: view the currently selected fic
		page up/down: go up/down roughly a page

		 ^u: unsets the last read chapter
		 ^a: marks all chapters as read
		 ^f: change the favorite flag
		 ^i: check for updates to the fic
		+/-: change the personal rating

		other/backspace: edits the fic filter

		filters support basic queries on both personal rating and favorite value.
			is:favorite shows only favorited fics
			is:rated shows only rated fics
			is:r>5 shows fics with a rating of 6 or more
			is:r=6 shows fics with a rating of 6
			is:f<2 shows fics that are not marked !
		'favorite' and 'rated' can both be abbreviated.

		The tag start can be abbreviated to 'i:' or ':'.

		Relations supported are =, <, >, and ~ which is subsequence match.

		Valid fields for is: tags include:
			favorite, rated, author

		'is:new' is a specila tag that shows never opened fics only.

		if the filter is a url, only fics that matched the parsed id will be
			shown. If the url contains a chapter id, then the fic will be loaded
			if the info does not already exist in the database.

		if the filter is a generally parseable id, the shown fics will be
			limited to those matching the id. This can be used to open
			`linkffn()` style ids.

		e: get info on current chapter/fic
			allow edit on personal status/notes?